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MindCare Dementia Support offers dementia skills training, coaching and consultancy for care professionals and care providers in London and across the South East of England. MindCare provides person-centred, training, coaching and consultancy based on more than 25 years experience providing specialist dementia care in the London Borough of Bromley.

Free 2017 Dementia Courses for Family Carers and Dementia Care Professionals in Bromley and Lewisham.

Improving Person-Centred Dementia Care Outcomes

Is your organisation looking to improve the quality of professional care and support you provide for clients with a dementia?

Do you want to:

  • improve care staff retention
  • improve staff skills, confidence and job satisfaction
  • reduce care staff stress and absence
  • improve staff empathy and understanding of clients with dementia
  • improve communication with clients with dementia
  • improve care and wellbeing of clients with dementia create more positive environments for care staff, clients, residents and their families?

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

We can customise a programme of training, coaching and/or consultancy to your care organisation’s specific needs.

“Everybody in the care sector should do this training”

A MindCare Training delegate

Dementia Skills Training Outcomes

Our training will give delegates an understanding of:

  • dementia
  • the effect of dementia on the brain and behaviour
  • how memory works and what happens to memory in dementia
  • the experience and reality of a client living with a dementia
  • how to effectively communicate with a client who has a dementia
  • how to interpret and respond to the need behind client behaviour challenging a care worker
  • how to achieve culture change with person centred dementia care.

Coaching and Consultancy

MindCare coaching and consultancy service helps put dementia skills and learning into practice in your organisation. It can be booked in conjunction with a dementia skills training package or separately to support individual case management

MindCare is experienced in:

  • effective person-centred, communication with people with dementia
  • working to the core principles of dementia care set out by the Department of Health
  • successfully working with client behaviour staff may find challenging.

We provide whole system consultancy including:

  • in-house observation of work with clients and one-to-one or team coaching for care staff
  • individual client/case management support to help care staff understand what a person may be communicating through their language and behaviour
  • skills audit of staff on competency relating to dementia support
  • change management
  • creating dementia friendly organisations.

“I have already applied my training to my work practice to enable me to understand a difficult client that we have to work with. The impact is positive for both the client and myself.”

A MindCare Training delegate

Track Record

MindCare has worked with:

  • Local Authorities in Bromley and Lewisham
  • established care homes in Bromley and Lewisham
  • voluntary and community organisations
  • Extra Care Housing schemes
  • Institute of Psychiatry.

Contact Us

To discuss your dementia skills requirements and for a bespoke proposal, please contact Ben Taylor on 01689 603812.


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