MindCare Dementia Choir Launched

In September 2019, MindCare Dementia Support launched a dementia choir for people attending its Activity Centres.

The choir has been going from strength to strength since, helping to maintain the wellbeing of clients living with dementia. MindCare staff have observed how the clients involved are becoming more engaged with people and the environment around them, with a sense of achievement and belonging. One client said, “I normally don’t like singing but I am loving this.”

The MindCare Dementia Choir has been practicing for a London dementia choir competition. But for the MindCare team it’s not about competing or winning, it’s about bringing out the person beyond the dementia to reminisce, talk, laugh, sing, create new memories and be valued as a person.

If you are missing the festive cheer, be sure to check out this video of our dementia choir singing some Christmas classics.