Bespoke Dementia Training

Course Outline


Providing bespoke training for any organisation supporting people living with dementia that that will improve staff knowledge, confidence and skill in delivery of person centred care and thereby increase the well-being of the individuals using the service.


  1. Have a consultation with you that will highlight your key areas for staff development and help us understand what colleagues need to learn. This may include visits to your service to carry out observations of current practice.
  2. Design and deliver a workshop/series of workshops tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. These will be based on a positive relationship-focused approach to supporting people living with dementia, using a range of interactive teaching methods. This may include coaching sessions in your service to support colleagues as they put into practice key concepts covered in the workshops.
  3. Have a follow up consultation with you to discuss colleague evaluation of the workshops, any service delivery issues and future learning needs.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved understanding of dementia
  • Improved staff satisfaction and retention
  • Increased service user engagement in meaningful activities.


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To enquire about bespoke dementia training for your care organisation, please contact Christine Gallagher,  MindCare Dementia Skills Manager, on 020 8249 7291 or email using the form below:

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